Over the last twenty years, rhinoplasty – a surgical operation changing the shape of the nose – has benefited from the fact that both the operating techniques and instruments used have improved, thus enabling to continuously obtain very good or even excellent results, painlessly and with a minimum of discomfort. The recent development of filling techniques ( hyaluronic acid ) and temporary muscle attenuation ( botulinic toxin ) also allows us, in much more limited indications, to carry out medical rhinoplasty ( without surgery ).

In order to better improve harmony between the nose and the rest of the face, it is also possible to change, thanks to injections and in a reversible way, the positioning of the eyebrows, the size of the cheekbones or lips or attenuate some marks of time ( nasolbial fold, rings, wrinkles …)


Atténuations musculaires par utilisation de toxine botulinique. En savoir plus

Comblements et modifications des volumes du visage par utilisation d'acide hyaluronique.. En savoir plus